A study in SEO – CAMcCartyConstruction.com

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is probably the most important method of bringing targeted traffic to your website. SEO involves different tactics to increase your websites visibility and ranking in the search engines.  It starts with understanding your business and industry to develop keywords that people use to find you online. When done correctly you can connect with the people who are looking for your business, but just don’t know your name yet! The goal is to achieve a high ranking for your targeted keyword phrases on the results page. SEO does not include online advertising, which is another valuable tool in your marketing toolbox. SEO only refers to visitors who have found you based on your keywords, content and other practices that ensure you site gets noticed.

C.A. McCarty Construction has been a long-standing client for web design of Spec Creative. After a total redesign in 2014, Curtis McCarty’s company website has seen the results.

Search results for "Norman Homebuilders" puts C.A. McCarty on top.

Search results for “Norman Homebuilders” puts C.A. McCarty on top.

norman-ok-homebuilders-seo results

A slightly different search term, “Norman OK Homebuilders” is used here. C.A. McCarty is show on a map and also listed #1 in results.

Creating a web-friendly, responsive website with solid keywords and content has placed this site at the top of the page for many of the terms used for finding home builders in Norman, Oklahoma. The search examples shown here were snapshots from September12, 2015.

Spec Creative includes basic SEO in the creation of any new website and has options for long-term growth and maintenance provided on a monthly basis, along with reports showing progress. Contact Anne to hear about your options for increasing traffic using SEO.